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Fucha River, Bogota, Colombia

Community gardens for food security during pandemic

  • Interviewer/s: María Eugenia Torrico Ferrufino
  • Interviewee/s: Jhody Katherine Sánchez Beltrán
Cochabamba, Bolivia

Combination of community savings and formal banking reduce women’s hardships

  • Interviewer/s: María Eugenia Torrico Ferrufino
  • Interviewee/s: Emiliana Mamani Vale
Columbia, South America

How waste pickers have fought for their rights and cleaned cities during COVID-19

  • Interviewer/s: Federico Parra
  • Interviewee/s: Marta Elena Iglesias, Maryuri Cordoba and Nohra Padilla
Solomon Islands

How the Barana Community is preparing for COVID-19

  • Interviewer/s: John Walenenea Jr
  • Interviewee/s: Peter Tabiru, Benjamin Dadai, Jerry Mane and Melinda Kii

Community voices highlight lessons and opportunities for resilience

  • Interviewer/s: Jioje Fesaitu
  • Interviewee/s: Saleshni Wati
Uttar Pradesh, India

Community owned solutions strengthen rural resilience

  • Interviewer/s: Neelmani Gupta
  • Interviewee/s: Phula Devi, Rakesh Pandey and Reshma
Korail, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The potential of urban agriculture as a survival tool for informal communities

  • Interviewer/s: Dipak Bhowmick and Nusrat Bijoya
  • Interviewee/s: Bokuli Begum, Sakhina Khatun, Mst. Ohida, Nazma Begum, and Selina
Kurigram, Bangladesh

Rural women together tackling multiple crises

  • Interviewer/s: Md Fahad Hossain
  • Interviewee/s: Farida Easmin
Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Civil society groups forge solidarity for resilience

  • Interviewer/s: Annisa Hadny
  • Interviewee/s: Atik Rochayati
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Community leaders form multiple partnerships to tackle COVID-19, build resilience

  • Interviewer/s: Isha Joshi
  • Interviewee/s: Balu Dandekar, Ganesh Zombawade and Sunita Salunke
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Women’s group and local government join forces to protect lives

  • Interviewer/s: Md Fahad Hossain
  • Interviewee/s: Janntul Bokeya Rekha
Caloco, Camarines Sur, Philippines

Fisher folks are braving complex crises

  • Interviewer/s: Rhaydz Barcia
  • Interviewee/s: Robinson Ben Callao
Kathmandu, Nepal

The plight of construction workers during the global pandemic

  • Interviewer/s: Krishna Bahadur Khadka and Rubina Adhikari
  • Interviewee/s: Pramila Shrestha, Krishna Sharma, Om Bhujel and Ramesh Chaudhary
Guwahati, Assam, India

How informal settlers are building resilience in the face of compounding shocks

  • Interviewer/s: Syeda Mehzebin Rahman and Minakhi Tamuli
  • Interviewee/s: Bindu Singh, Arvind and Deepak

Radical change needed to ensure justice for hijra communities

  • Interviewer/s: Maheen Khan
  • Interviewee/s: Joya Sikder

Managing misinformation during COVID-19

  • Interviewer/s: Suresh Chandis and Bikin Ghimire
  • Interviewee/s: N/A
Dharavi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Local women help where government agencies will not, in country’s largest slum

  • Interviewer/s: Shweta Sundar and Bharat Gangurde
  • Interviewee/s: Vidya Balkrishna Mane and Harshada Ganesh Doiphode
Satkhira, Bangladesh

Young people demonstrate initiative during crises

  • Interviewer/s: Sohanur Rahman
  • Interviewee/s: SM Shahin Alom
Satkhira, Bangladesh

Multiple initiatives by a female-led organisation to tackle COVID, extreme events

  • Interviewer/s: Sohanur Rahman
  • Interviewee/s: Jannatul Mawa
Bethanchowk Rural Municipality, Dhunkharka, Nepal

The plight of Dalit communities during an unprecedented crisis

  • Interviewer/s: Naresh Kumar Shreshtha
  • Interviewee/s: Bishnu Maya Nepali
Mahila Housing Trust, Central Ashoka Colony, Ashok Vihar, Delatoli, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

In Indian cities, women community leaders aid migrants during pandemic

  • Interviewer/s: Roshini Suparna Diwakar and Konica Udhani
  • Interviewee/s: Sarita Varnaval, Radhika Pandey and Mumtaz
Kathmandu, Nepal

Young people lead innovative initiatives during COVID-19 pandemic

  • Interviewer/s: Krishna Bahadur Khadka and Rubina Adhikari
  • Interviewee/s: Nabin Bikash Maharjan, Sajal Pradhan, Prashanna Chudal Sharma and Zachary Barton
Dhaka, Bangladesh

How one woman’s idea unleashed community spirit

  • Interviewer/s: Maheen Khan
  • Interviewee/s: Sheuly Ishrat
Rafiq Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Residents confront COVID-19 on top of existing health threats

  • Interviewer/s: N/A
  • Interviewee/s: Shamimbanu Salim Sheikh

Bangladeshi farmers respond to COVID-19 with innovation

  • Interviewer/s: Zakir Hossain
  • Interviewee/s: Delowar Jahan
Kliptown, Beacon Road, Kliptown, Germiston, South Africa

Solidarity Kliptown style – A resilience story from South Africa

  • Interviewer/s: Thabang Nkwanyana
  • Interviewee/s: Ginger Mahlamvu and Robert Mobasa
Kwara, Nigeria

Young women lead the fight for greener and stronger communities during Covid-19

  • Interviewer/s: Azeez Abubakar
  • Interviewee/s: Salmah Abdulrahman and Baliqees
Iseke, Tanzania

Young people boost economic opportunity in midst of Covid-19 pandemic

  • Interviewer/s: Jerry Danny, Charles Mnyororo, Emmanuel Hamis and Emmanuel Msumba
  • Interviewee/s: Maria Elisha
Usafi Market, Kampala, Uganda

Resilience in the face of Covid-19 – A single mother’s story

  • Interviewer/s: Sandra Coote
  • Interviewee/s: Namubiru Harriet Milly
Maddu, Uganda

A story of service above self in Maddu, Uganda

  • Interviewer/s: Allen Lunkuse
  • Interviewee/s: Betty Zalwango and Sarah Namugga
Kampala, Uganda

Exploring alternative livelihood options to secure life

  • Interviewer/s: Sarah Nandudu
  • Interviewee/s: Mirembe Esther and Benon
Mbarara, Uganda

Informal community uses collective savings to deal with Covid-19

  • Interviewer/s: Sarah Nandudu
  • Interviewee/s: Katongole Deus and Ibrahim
Addis Ababa City Administration - Urban Renewal Agency, A2, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A community alliance faces up to Covid-19 in Addis Ababa

  • Interviewer/s: Ephrem Tesema Antenh
  • Interviewee/s: Abebech Bekele
Siaya, Kenya

The ‘Covid women’ of Siaya making a difference

  • Interviewer/s: Rosemary Atieno
  • Interviewee/s: Isabella, Margaret and Beatrice
Kabulasoke, Uganda

Harnessing opportunities for youth during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Interviewer/s: Godliver Businge
  • Interviewee/s: Twehayo Naume
Johannesburg, South Africa

Waste reclaimers join hands to save the city

  • Interviewer/s: Shahrin Mannan
  • Interviewee/s: Eli Kodisang, Luyanda Hlatshwayo, Paula Vilakazi and Eva Mokoena
Keta, Ghana

Agribusiness offers women and youth greater food security during pandemic

  • Interviewer/s: Misper Apawu
  • Interviewee/s: Sedem Tetevi, Bliss Quashie and Senam
Cape Town, South Africa

Urban farming on the rise to boost people’s food security

  • Interviewer/s: Sumetee Pahwa Gajjar
  • Interviewee/s: Beverly Nakani and Sandi Lewis
Nairobi, Kenya

The power of art during crisis

  • Interviewer/s: Daniel Onyango
  • Interviewee/s: Harrison Chege, Kelly Brown and Anastasia Mbala
Sussundenga, Mozambique

How an agri-business has made itself resilient to multiple shocks

  • Interviewer/s: Doreen Tekedese
  • Interviewee/s: Amélia Rendição
Belhar, Cape Town, South Africa

How a non-profit organisation is leading multi-racial, sustainable solutions

  • Interviewer/s: Beauty Mani Paulo
  • Interviewee/s: Grandle Opperman
Isiolo County, Kenya

Local radio stations create awareness of COVID-19, gender-based violence

  • Interviewer/s: David Nangaa Silakan
  • Interviewee/s: Grace Lolim and Rose Ngoilelo Orguba

Indigenous women overcome discrimination to lead community COVID-19 responses

  • Interviewer/s: Rose Wamalwa
  • Interviewee/s: Diana Nooormishuki Chesengei and Evelin Namalwa
The Gambia

Women’s group boosts resilience in the face of crisis

  • Interviewer/s: Hbibatou Drammeh and Ebrima S. F. Bah
  • Interviewee/s: Mama Jobe Jeng
Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Coping with COVID-19 by mobilising local capacities in Goma

  • Interviewer/s: Habimana Jonas
  • Interviewee/s: Barengeke Ngini
Harare, Zimbabwe

How Zimbabwean youth are leading the way in tackling Covid-19

  • Interviewer/s: Artwell Nyirenda
  • Interviewee/s: Lonica Kenneth, Steven Nyamapfeka and Phillip Matamande